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Mini egg omelette in the pressure cooker

Mini egg omelette in the pressure cooker

Mini omelette



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    This was just a quick experiment with a mini cake mold I happened to have on hand. Now that I have my own custom pan, I will be experimenting once again.

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    Today I am sharing a mini egg omelette made in the pressure cooker.

    I have to say..it was a very fortunate experiment. Next time I will add some bacon, scallions and perhaps even some spinach. YUM!

    All in 3 minutes time.

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    Step 1
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    First I whipped the eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl.

    Step 2
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    I filled my pot with 1 cup of water and turned on manual to heat.

    Step 3
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    I sprayed the mold with butter cooking spray.

    Step 4
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    I placed the cake/cookie mold down in the water.

    Step 5
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    I poured the egg combination in, and set manually for 3 minutes on high.

    Step 6
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    Let it Naturally release.

    Step 7
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    I then took the mold out and gently placed my plate over the mold and flipped it over. Cute as cute can be! Not to mention tasty. This would be fun to do for a kids or husbands Saturday morning breakfast with a side of fresh fruit.

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    Adjust Servings:
    3 Eggs
    1/4 cup Milk
    1/2 cup Cheese
    Salt and pepper
    Apple crisp delight in the pressure cooker
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