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Beer can chicken in the Instant Pot

Beer can chicken in the Instant Pot


Insta-Beer can Chicken


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Someone was the creative master mind behind this gadget. It wasn’t me this time.

It was my husband. He loves beer, he loves chicken on the BBQ and he loves to be creative in thought. He actually started way back in early February on this rack. It took quite a lot of thought and tweaking. In the end he gave his final stamp of approval and the Insta-Rack was born. Today I am sharing how to make beer can chicken in the Instant Pot.

Please NOTE, it has come to my attention, that the Insta Rack can fit in the Air Fryer 5.3. One of my readers/customers makes Cornish game hen in it. WOW..I love it. It sure is a neat little rack indeed.

You may also use this rack in the oven, and BBQ grill! Check it out HERE

The preferred and easier pot to use is an 8 Qt. You can use a 6 Qt. but your chicken would have to be 4 lbs. or less. It does require a little maneuvering in the pot such as a tuck and tilt. Ribs on the rack and in the 6 Qt. are a breeze. I just made a kickin’ rack of ribs last week. You can find the rack of rib recipe HERE Now back to the bird. The bird, the bird, the bird is the word:) Keep in mind, even if you want to use this handy Insta-rack in your oven, or perhaps BBQ, the easy and convenient handles make it so much safer to lift your chicken, or turkey right up on the rack. Of course be sure to use your mitts if removing from heat.  For this recipe you only need a few ingredients. You can use any canned beer or soda to your liking. We even managed to get a few potatoes on the rack.

This chicken here done in the 8Qt. was almost 5 lbs. He was a big guy! Pin it, make it! Enjoy! Hope to see you back again. See recipe down below.

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Step 1
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First, clean and remove gizzards.

Step 2
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Pat dry chicken. Brush on Olive oil.

Step 3
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Generously rub chicken with your choice of rub or seasoning. Of course, we used our Insta-Chicken that has a light hint of dill and lemon and other special ingredients. You want to be sure you use a lot of rub and seasoning. When cooking in the Instant Pot or any pressure cooker you want to be sure to penetrate the flavors. Because it cooks so fast, you need more than your usual oven method.

Step 4
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Place your beer can in the center of the rack. Gently sit bird on top of can through the open cavity. Push it down as far as you can and bring the chicken legs out in a sitting position. Take a picture, it looks so cute:)

Step 5
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Add your broth to the bottom of the pot and squeeze some lemon inside. You can add your half of lemon to the pot.

Step 6
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Lift your rack and set gently down in pot. If you have to turn the bird around in order to close the lid, maneuver, tuck, tilt and place the lid on. Be sure to seal.

Step 7
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Set pot to Manual High Pressure for 13-15 minutes. Typically it's around 4 minutes per pound. But this rack speeds it up. Because times vary and the chicken cooks fast I recommend starting off with less time. You can always add more if need be. I recommend a Quick release after the time is up. It is crazy fast how this cooks on the rack.

Step 8
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The pot will take a while to come to pressure, so don't be concerned with that. Just allow yourself an additional 15 minutes if planning dinner time.

Step 9
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Once the timer has beeped, check on your chicken. If to the proper temperature (the safe internal temperature for cooked chicken is 165° Fahrenheit) you can then gently lift rack out and place your chicken under the broiler for about 5-7 minutes to get that bird nice and crispy on the outside if you like it that way..be sure you have a drip pan under the chicken on the lower rack. You don't want a messy oven.

Step 10
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Remove chicken and before ready to serve squeeze on the other half of the lemon.

Step 11
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If you added potatoes to the skewers of the rack, be sure to remove those before placing in the broiler. I removed mine with tongs while still in the pot. 15 minutes was just about perfect for our baked potatoes.

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Adjust Servings:
4-5 lbs
brushed on bird
Generous amount
One can (room temperature preferably) You can spill a little of the beer or soda into the pot as well.
1 cup Any kind will do, chicken, or vegetable preferably.
Lightly sweet and savory pork chops done in the Instant Pot
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