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The Ultimate Guide to Spurtles: A Must-Have Tool for Your Kitchen The Ultimate Guide to Spurtles: A Must-Have Tool for Your Kitchen


The Ultimate Guide to Spurtles: A Must-Have Tool for Your Kitchen

Written by: Emily Smith

Discover the ultimate guide to spurtles in this comprehensive article. Learn why this must-have kitchen tool is essential for your cooking adventures.

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A Kitchen Essential: The Spurtle

Spurtles are the unsung heroes of the culinary world, and once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. At first glance, a spurtle might seem like just another odd-looking utensil cluttering your drawers. But trust me, these peculiar yet ingenious tools are absolute game-changers. They’re the perfect hybrid of a spoon and a spatula, crafted to tackle tasks that leave ordinary utensils feeling inadequate.

What is a Spurtle?

A spurtle is a wooden kitchen tool that originated in Scotland. It’s traditionally used for stirring porridge, but its uses extend far beyond that. The spurtle has a cylindrical shape, which makes it perfect for stirring and mixing a variety of dishes. Its design allows it to reach the corners of pots and pans, ensuring that no food gets stuck or burnt.

Why You Need a Spurtle in Your Kitchen


The spurtle is incredibly versatile. It can be used for stirring, mixing, flipping, and even serving. Whether you’re making a stew, a stir-fry, or a batch of pancakes, the spurtle can handle it all.

Ease of Use

The spurtle is easy to use, even for novice cooks. Its long handle keeps your hand away from the heat, and its slim design makes it easy to maneuver in pots and pans of all sizes.


Spurtles are typically made of wood, which is durable and long-lasting. Unlike plastic utensils, they won’t melt if left on a hot pan. And unlike metal utensils, they won’t scratch your cookware.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a spurtle is a breeze. Simply rinse it under warm water and dry it off. Some spurtles are even dishwasher safe.

How to Choose the Right Spurtle

When choosing a spurtle, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Material: Spurtles are typically made of wood, but they can also be found in silicone or stainless steel. Choose a material that suits your cooking style and preferences.

  2. Size: Spurtles come in various sizes. If you often cook large quantities of food, opt for a larger spurtle. For smaller dishes, a smaller spurtle will do the trick.

  3. Set or Single: Spurtles can be purchased individually or in sets. If you’re new to using spurtles, a set might be a good option as it will give you various sizes and types to experiment with.

Spurtle in Action: Recipes to Try

Now that you know all about spurtles, it’s time to put them to use. Here are a few recipes to get you started:

  1. Porridge: The traditional use for a spurtle. Use it to stir your oats to creamy perfection.

  2. Stews and Soups: The spurtle’s long handle makes it perfect for stirring deep pots of stew or soup.

  3. Stir-fry: Use the spurtle to mix and toss your stir-fry ingredients.

  4. Pancakes: Flip your pancakes with ease using a flat spurtle.

Beyond the Basics: Spurtles’ Place in Modern Kitchens

While spurtles pay homage to their Scottish origins, their role in modern kitchens is undeniable. Their simplicity belies their functionality, proving that sometimes, the most effective tools are those with the most straightforward design. As we continue to seek ways to simplify and enjoy the cooking process, spurtles stand out as emblematic of the balance between tradition and contemporary culinary needs.

In kitchens across the world, spurtles are making their mark, redefining what it means to have an essential tool at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a casual cook, incorporating spurtles into your repertoire will not only make cooking tasks more enjoyable but will also introduce an element of history and tradition into your culinary creations. So, ready your kitchen for the addition of spurtles, and prepare to be amazed at how such a simple tool can revolutionize your cooking experience.

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