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How to make Cake bite muffins in the Ninja Foodi

How to make Cake bite muffins in the Ninja Foodi


Cranberry Orange cake bites in the Ninja Foodi


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Hi there friends! So Miss Martha White has stuck again!~ Today I am sharing how to make cake bite muffins in the Ninja Foodi. You know how much I love Martha. Just stick around and browse my page here and you will find all the magnificent little treats and dishes I have made using Martha White Mixes. My tamale pie HERE was a real hit, but then again so were my chocolate chip muffin bites HERE, oh and I can’t forget my Martha White muffin cake HERE. I can go on and on, but you get the gist. I love me some Martha.  Most all Walmarts carry this brand in the baking section, near the cake mixes. All my recipes I have shared here on Home Pressure Cooking can be converted to your Ninja Foodi. As far as I can tell so far, times and directions both for pressure cooking and Air Fryer method should remain the same. I can’t guarantee that though. Sometimes it does depend on your elevation, especially when it comes to bake goods.

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How to make Cake bite muffins in the Ninja Foodi


One 7 oz. packet will make a perfect little batch of 7 cake bites. You can of course double them to make more. I do believe two molds stacked in your pressure cooker will work out great. You may have to use some chop sticks, or flat Popsicle sticks to make and even stack. I hear even mason jar lids were great when stacking. Find my egg/cake bite mold HERE

Because I used a cranberry orange flavor, I decided to sprinkle some not only in the mix, but also a dusting on top of my cake bites. Ohhhh, soooo good!~ See recipe at the bottom of this post. Pin it, make it, love it! Enjoy my quick video demo too!

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Hope you enjoyed How to make Cake bite muffins in the Ninja Foodi

See recipe down below.

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First, mix Martha White mix according to directions. Most all call for 1/2 cup of milk only. Prepare your egg bite mold by lightly spraying with non-stick butter spray. Fill each mold evenly. Add one cup of water to the Ninja Pot. Set on Pressure cooking, High setting for 13 minutes. Quick release. You can then add a brown bake by using the air fryer method. Close air fryer lid, set pot to air crisp for 3-4 additional minutes. This is optional and not necessary to cook time.

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1 pack 7 oz. Martha White mix
1/2 cup Milk
1 cup water
A sprinkle in the mix and on top when cooled and popped out of mold Cinnamon
Tamale pie in the Ninja Foodi
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