Recipes to make using a 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan

Recipes to make using a 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan

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Today you are going to get a little education on recipes to make using a 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan. I get a lot of questions and sometimes even concerns over the Springform pan leaking. At the end of this post you will find all my recipes to date that I have made using my 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan.

Recipes to make using a 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan

First lets talk about the 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan. A Springform pan in general is a round pan with a removable bottom that is held in place by a sprung/latched collar on the sides of the round pan.

Springform pans are a kitchen essential for producing the most perfect smooth and even cheesecakes, crusted tarts, etc., traditionally speaking. Now-a-days with pressure cooking Spring form pans are used for many dishes such as lasagna, meatloaf, taco pies and more.

Some basic tips to ensure your user experience with a Springform pan are always to be sure your pan is LOCKED in place. I also recommend a little tin foil wrapped around the outer bottom of the pan. I admit, I don’t always do that part because when using in the Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi, if there happens to be a little leakage, it simply drips right into the pot. It is not a big deal to me, and why waste the foil. HOWEVER, do as I say, and not as I do.

How to properly secure your Springform/Bundt pan

Forget doing a “water” test in your pan. When I see people do this, I chuckle to myself. First, you are not baking water! Second, of course water is going to leak out of Springform pan. Anyone who markets their Springform pan as leakproof, it simply is NOT the case. They can leak a tad, so expect it.

They are made for thicker batters and foods. If you make a meatloaf, you will get some oil leakage, no doubt about it. That is why the tin foil is recommended to wrap around the outer bottom of the pan.

DO NOT attempt to make flan or eggs in a Springform pan. You will indeed have a mess. Most anything with a press in crust or thicker substance will be successful. Many chefs are now getting creative making rigatoni pies, spaghetti pies and even a ravioli pie. Don’t worry I have some of those recipes to for you at the end.

People often ask can I use something else in lieu of a Spring form pan for certain recipes. Well that depends on the recipe and your cooking method. I never ever use Pyrex or corning ware in my pressure cooker.

It is NOT recommended and I have seen some tragic incidences such as shattering in the pot. Yes, they may be oven safe, but under “pressure” has not been tested and although you may get away with it a time or two, it only takes one time for something bad to happen. Why risk it? Springform pans are not that expensive. Invest in one.

So now that I educated you some basics, are you ready to see all you can make? Grab a cup of coffee, or wine depending on the hour and enjoy. You will be here for a while. Pin it, save it for later.

Recipes to make in a 7-inch Springform/Bundt pan

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